POWER Street Finals 2009

With beautiful August weather we visited


Lot's of cool cars were at the MECA Raceway in Malmo to show what it's all about

The organizer Kjell "Gummistöveln" Gustafson polishing his deuce
...the name of the game!
This guy was REALLY FAST... 4.174 sec on the 1/8 mile
Unusual Cadillac equipped with a Shafiroff engine...
Camaro with extreme Dual Turbos
...Gasser in action... note the cool 55 in the return lane
Bankrobber I, II and III obviously got caught...
A guy with a death wish... Kamikaze!
Adult diapers are mandatory!
Why not a Volvo from the 50s
Don't ever forget these little nasty Germans... VERY loud and runs like a skunk on fire!
Buy yourself a ride with the Dual Dragster... Satisfaction guaranteed!
a GREAT and very HOT DAY!