.......working on the Corvette-64 and the nice Camaro RS-69.......

Model RS Exhaust Headers
Engine 350 Wheels Old Torque Thurst
Induction Holley, Cowl Tires BFG TA's
Transmission BW T5 Interior Black Deluxe
Steering Power Stereo Blaupunkt
Brakes Power, Front/Rear Disc Paint Red
Rear End GM 10B, 8.5" Diff, 3.70 Others AC, Power Windows, Anti
Roll Bars Front/Rear
Model Convertible Exhaust Headers
Engine 350 Wheels Torque Thrust II
Induction TPI Tires Good Year F1
Transmission BW T5 Interior Black  Original
Steering Power, Corvette-88 Stereo Sony
Brakes Power, Front/Rear Disc, Corv-88 Paint Red Candy
Rear End From Corvette-88 Others AC, Power Windows
How to build a Corvette '64 with the feel of a modern car and all the charm of the original:
January 2003 First you grab a bunch of fiberglas pieces that ones was a complete body and start sorting them out...
January 2003 ...and sort a little more...
January 2003 This 'work-of-art' rear needs to go!
 January 2003 The chassis that needs to be adapted to the front and rear from a '88 Corvette
January 2003 Then you need an egine and a gearbox... the set up from a Trans Am '88 will do fine

  OK, then we are ready to go  
February 2003 mold and mold and grind, then grind more
March 2003 Then we fix the chassis, after e few late nights we are done with the new front and rear!
March 2003 Dressed up and cleaned TPI engine
March 2003 Then we just fit the engine and the gearbox in the chassis
April 2003 here we place the body on the new chassis
April 2003 The car receives a 'first season paintjob' to let the glass fibre body stretch and shrink in peace
April 2003 Now, back in the garage again. Now it really begin to look like a car
April 2003 and here isn't much left to do...
May 2003 Well I'll be darned, it did become a car of all these peaces, finally...  pew!






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